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Intelligent underwriting and operational expertise investing in some of the most exciting alternative investment opportunities and resilient real estate strategies.

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Cradle to grave and day-to-day, we are involved in all aspects of each investment in our portfolio. Our team is fully integrated with direct lines of communication, full transparency, and direct oversight over execution of the business plan.


We leverage our local network to find the most attractive opportunities. Investments are then vetted by all aspects of our vertical, including property, construction, and asset management, to gain insight into key assumptions.

Asset Management

Through deep integration, our asset management team has a direct line of communication with all aspects of property operations. We utilize our platform to create a seamless flow of information that empowers our team to execute.

Property Management

Residential real estate is inherently management and people intensive. Our team is involved in every aspect of property operations from personnel staffing to business plan execution. We leverage cutting edge technology to access real time data to make informed decisions and drive performance.

Construction Management

We have developed deep connections with contractors, vendors, and service providers. Our construction team utilizes these relationships to efficiently execute major capital improvements. In addition, our maintenance team oversees the upkeep of over 5,000 units throughout Central Texas.

Real Estate Technology

OTH Capital built a proprietary software platform that integrates each part of its vertical platform which maximizes the flow of information and streamlines decisions throughout the organization. Additionally, OTH leverages its PropTech venture arm which is dedicated to discovering best-in-class innovators and solutions in real estate.

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